Thursday, September 3, 2009

Painless face lift

Painless facelift

Imagine, attaining a face lift, snug eye and neck contour, firmer jowl line, less noticeable skin discolouration and open pores, and super boost skin hydration and vitality -- all within the very first session of a Power Lift Facolift Series' facelift therapy.

Besides 100% safe, one experiences strengthening of the skin to reduce damages caused by the sun and a polluted environment.

Capture youthfulness with the Power 3nity Lift and Power Caviar 02 Lift therapies that

help restore youth to your skin and muscles, diminish the signs of ageing and revitalise

lethargic skin, so you look younger and more vibrant.

Experience smoother skin with noticeably reduced fine lines, and heightened cellular

activities like collagen and elastin production, while increasing density of muscle fibers to resist constant gravity pull -- just the way you were when you were younger.

"The Power 3nity Lift is simply amazing! The firmness of my facial muscle and skin has improved tremendously and it is safe," said 51-year-old Datin Michelle Tay, a satisfied customer.

Another 44-year-old Shirley Lim said, "Wow! The Power 3nity Lift has the ability to

restore youthfulness to my skin and tones my facial muscles.

"The therapy is truly relaxing and the results, satisfying. I was surprised to see the vast

improvement on the very first session."

Facelift from London with clinical studies done in the United States

Power 3nity Lift and Power Caviar 02 Lift are facelift therapies from London with clinical studies conducted in the United States.

Both facelift therapies have the ability to help slow signs of ageing and sun damage, making you appear younger than your biological age.

Possessing a regenerative effect, the therapies helps increase local metabolism of the skin and muscle tissue, resulting in effective retardation of early signs of ageing.

The Power 3nity Lift helps strengthen skin and facial muscles by boosting collagen,

elastin and muscle fiber pro- duction via accelerating cell metabolic rate.

Overall, the skin and muscles are strengthened and empowered to resist gravity pull and environmental stress, so you look more youthful, with a healthy glow.

Safe, effective and noninvasive

Both the Power 3nity lift and Power Caviar 02 Lift are safe and non-invasive therapies and the results are prohealth, without the use of any form of laser or light therapy. injections or fillers. Power 3nity Lift and Power Caviar 02 Lift use a healing current that has been used in burn units and muscle healing units in hospitals, to help patients rebuild and heal tissues, while increasing collagen and elastin contents of the skin.

Unlike other therapies that promise to restore the youthfulness on the outer skin, Power 3nity Lift and Power Caviar 02 Lift not only helps bring back lustrous skin on the outside, they also energise the skin by encouraging cell regeneration by up to 500%, thus

creating more collagen, elastin and muscle fibers.

It is like a 5D-year-old woman who not only looks 40; she also has skin that regenerates fast and functions more efficiently.

A Power 3nity Lift facelift session consists six portions. The first is a Skin Refining

session that helps reduce fine lines and open pores. The second imparts oxygen and

enhance blood circulation to skin cells, which brings about a brightening effect and encourage healthier skin. The third and fourth portions lift, firm and strengthen the mus-

cles in the eye, face and neck area. The fifth part is Deep Lymph Drainage therapy that

helps reduce discolouration and scars in the safest and most natural way.

The six and last portion is Firming and Cell Regenerating Therapy. The therapy helps

increase skin firmness by encouraging the production of the collagen, elastin and muscle fibers and reduce the appearance of deep pitted scars and burrows.

The Perfector Power 3nity Lift and Power Caviar 02 Lift Therapy bridge the gap between cosmetic surgery and cosmeeeutical products. It is safe and the results are not

only dramatic, but also long lasting.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The flu and the common cold are both viral infections of the upper respiratory tract.

The right treatment

The flu and the common cold are both viral infections of the upper respiratory tract. The influenza virus causes flu, whereas the rhinovirus sparks off the cold.

Many people do not know how to properly differentiate the flu and a cold. Initially, the flu may seem like a common cold with a runny nose, sneezing and sore throat. But though the cold can be a nuisance, one usually feels much worse off when down with the flu.

The initial symptoms for both are a runny nose, sneezing, sore throat and cough. The

flu virus is more virulent and usually develops faster than a cold. It is usually also accompanied by high fever, fatigue and weakness, and muscle aches and pains,

The primary objective in the treatment of flu and cold is to reduce the duration of the

symptoms and improve your quality of life. Fact is, strengthening the immune system

will help relieve a runny nose, sore throat and cough.

Now you can use a German herbal combination to shorten the duration of the flu and cold. Backed by 20 clinical papers, this product has been prescribed by German physicians for the last 50 years since it was developed by Erich Schaper and Albert Brummer. The unique blend of herbal extracts helps to activate the immune system, In doing so, the body's resistance increases and can ward off the flu and cold virus. Generally for colds, this product will assist recovery in one or two days while the flu usually takes longer, which is about three to five days to recover.


Flu may lead to secondary bacterial infection, and old people and children are especially susceptible individuals, Both these groups have weaker immune systems and the flu can prove to be fatal in young children, the elderly and those with underlying chronic illnesses.

Eat right and sleep tight: There are valid reasons why we should abide by this fairly general piece of advice. A poor diet and bad night's sleep can lower your immunity and make you more vulnerable to infections. Generally, it would do well for adults to settle with seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Older children and teenagers need between nine and ten hours every night. A balanced diet for most people emphasises fruits and vegetables, whole grains and small amounts of lean protein.

Regular exercise: Regular cardiovascular exercise such as walking, biking, aerobics boosts your immune system. Even if you do come down with the flu, there'll be less severe symptoms and you'll recover faster than those who aren't as fit. Apart from the flu vaccines and antivira] drugs, the multifunctional herbal combination from Germany may be taken to help cushion the flu attack. This was even used during the SAnS period in China to strengthen the immune system.

Limit air travel: Researchers say that the decreased numbers of air travel passengers during the fall of 2001 actually slowed the spread of the flu as well as delayed the start of the flu season by several weeks. Limit your air travel during the height of the holiday travel season, but if you must travel, this herbal product can help to protect you by reducing your risks of contracting any infection.

Avoid crowds during flu season: The flu spreads easily wherever people congregate, and this could mean childcare centres, schools, office buildings, auditoriums, even cruise ships. Avoid crowds wherever possible at the peak of the flu season and you reduce your chances of infection.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Get ready to be pampered

Starting fromApr 8,m t3, the Curve - one of Malaysia's first pedestrlan~sed lifestyle shopping mall -will be transformed into the ultimate urban oasis dedicated entirely to beauty, health and relaxation.

With a unique Zen theme, the Curve will oe decorated with a backdrop of healing stones, running water and plants to create a harmonious and calm ambience. The Health and Wellness Week will also showcase numerous methods for relaxing and healing that will fit any shopper's busy schedule, as well as information on health issues.

At the Curve's Health and Wellness Week, shoppers will d scover the pleasures of special beauty and health treatments These treatments are being featured with the primary aim of promoting healthy living.

Madam Adele D. Flores, Centre Manager, the Curve, said, "In today's fast-paced society, most of us Jeedvery busy and demanding lifestyles which often lead tO our heaith being neglected. On this note. the Health and Wellness Week was conceptualised to create awareness on how to restore and sustain that health balance,

"Focusing on spiritual, physical and psychological elements, the Health and Wellness week will offer special promotions to enhance the quality of life for all shoppers. As our aim is to provide a unique and memorable shopping experience, the environment we have created here at the Centre Court provides an opportun ty for our. shoppers to soothe their senses" she continues.

To make this possible, an array of outlets from the Curve will be showcasing a variety of products and services such as Ogawa, Fitness First. Jean Yip Hub,Jurlique, The Body Shop, Forest'secret and JoJoBa International.

Forest'secret will have a soothing hand and foot spa demonstration and shoppers will also receive a free Forest'secret product with every purchase of RM5O and above. On top of this, those who wish to start exercising can join Fitness First for free and enjoy a one-month free membership, as well as an opportunity to watch a Body Balance Demonstration and participate in yoga sessions.

Jurlique, a skin care company specialising in biodynamic beauty products will be providing free trials for ten-minute hand massages. Shoppers can also enjoy special “indulge Your Senses Facial and Body" promotions by spending RM88 onwards as well as lucky dips at their booth.

Those who are ooking for an affordable pamper ng exper ence w certa nly enjoy Jean Yip Hub's H -tech treatment at only RM48. Shoppers can choose among the Radiant Diamond Peel, FP Face Firm, PLT Skin rejuvenation, Slim up contouring for the full body or the Dermasonic treatment. Furthermore, shoppers can obtain glamorous hair and make-up tips suitable for day and night as well as a hair styling demonstration for both men and women.

Shoppers who are conscious about the environment will be able to return their empty bottles to The Body Shop for recycling during the who e month of April and receive a 10% discount on the same item. In addition, by spendingat any health, wellness and beauty outlet at the Curve, shoppers wil receive a massage pillow from Ogawa. Redemption period is from Apr 8 to 27.

Shoppers who purchase any of the JoJoBa International Spa package treatments will also receive an additional one for free.

With all these and more at the Health and Wellness week the Curve is the deal avenue to practice active and healthy living.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time to detox

ABLOATED tummy is not only uncomfortable but also affects your mood, appetite and confidence. It is not to be confused with being fat.

Belly fat is fatty ceils around your midsection and you can't get rid of it without proper diet and exercise. Stomach bloating is when the abdomen feels full and tight, even when you have just eaten a little.

And the most common cause is irregular. digestion or putrefying waste in the colon that produces gas at a higher rate than normal

These accumulated waste and toxins, if not released, will build up and overburden a crucial part of your body's natural detoxi-fication system.

In today's toxic world, our natural detoxi-fication process can easily become over-

whelmed, forcing toxins to flow back and re-circulate in our body system.

The most obvious source of toxins is of course from our food.

No matter how vigilant you may be about your lifestyle, there are unlimited sources

from where toxins can be found.

What's more, did you know that it takes about eight to 10 hours for food, after consumption, to reach our colon?

Our colon is made up of three parts: ascending, traverse and descending. It stores waste, reclaims water and maintains water balance in our body.

It also breaks down remaining proteins from partially digested food entering from our small intestines.

By the time the mass of a digested meal reaches the descending colon, the stool constitutes two parts water, undigested fibre and food products and one part of living and dead bacteria. "

The bacteria breakdown some fibre for hour shment creating waste products, which in turn nourishes the colon's cell lining.

Our colon is the waste disposal system in our body. If this system gets clogged up, all

these waste flows back into our body as toxins.

Without enough fibre, stool cannot pass through the colon easily, Consequently, the stool becomes harder, making it more difficult to be excreted.

The longer faeces stay inside our body, the longer our exposure to putrefactive bacteria.

This long intestinal transit time causes gut flora (good bacteria inside the colon) to function less efficiently and eventually gets overtaken by the harmful putrefactive bacteria.

Putrefying toxins in your colon contribute to the "sludge" in your intestines. This fermenting process also produces a lot of intestinal gas, which gives that discomfort feeling of bloated-hess.

Constipation and stomach bloating are symptoms you cannot ignore, even if it occurs occasionally, since it will lead to slow poisoning of our body system.

Doing a regular total body detoxification can help lighten the toxic overload in our body's natural detoxification system.

That's why there's an ideal detoxifier, gentle enough to be enjoyed everyday, yet powerful enough to have a real impact on the way you feel.

Swiss-Formulated TruDtox is made from 100% organically-cultivated herbs, flora and teas traditionally known to aid dotoxifi-cation -- without any added laxatives.

A natural and safe herbal cleanser, TruDtox gently cleanses pollutants from your body, helps rejuvenate normal functions of your body's detoxification organs and even supports thermo-genesis by burning excess fats,

It helps to flush away waste from your body without creating bowel dependency.

Regular detoxification brings long-lasting improvements to health by helping the body eliminate its toxin build-up and help strengthen the body's natural detoxificalion organs.

Take action today by doing total body detoxification regularly with TruDtox for a healthier and cleaner inside.

TruDtox retails at RM29.50 and RM53.00 for a pack of 5s and los detox sessions and is available at leading pharmacies nationwide.