Sunday, May 3, 2009

Understanding your skin

ATTAINING beautiful skin is not a fantasy, even for those born with poorer genes. In fact, beautiful skin has become skincare's trend lately, receiving a lot more attention than just having good skin.

Good skin is essential in the society we live in, whether at work or play. Beautiful skin simply sums up beauty in totality.

"Beautiful skin is the foundation of natural beauty," says Cindy Yeoh, a 20-something writer who takes care of her appearance. "Having dewy and fresh skin actually make you look younger. A plain girl is capable of looking beautiful when she has beautiful skin."

What causes skin ageing?.

Skin consists of three distinct layers -- the Epidermis (outer protective layer). Dermis (inner supporting layer) and the Subcutis layer (fatty tissue layer). The structural elements on the dermis layer are made up of an even pattern of collagen and elastin protein fibres embedded in a gel-like substance rich in moisture-binding polysaccharides. This even pattern ensures a healthy, well-moisture, smooth, supple and elastic skin structure with a radiant and even complexion. However, the pattern deteriorates on a daily basis due to the internal and external factor.

Approximately 90% of skin ageing is caused by external factors environment, lifestyle and UV damage, The signs of ageing are dehydration, fine lines & wrinkles. uneven skin tone, UV spots/pigmentation and.thinner skin.

Over time, the skin's essential supportive structure deteriorates and bundtes up in the lower part of the dermis, making it unable to support the upper epidermis layer. The skin becomes dry, fine lines & wrinkles are formed, dilated capillaries and pigmentation spots become more visible and the lack of elasticity makes skin more lax.

To be more specific, skin ageing begins at 30 or even earlier depending on your lifestyle. So with so much going against our skin, how do we go about getting good and beautiful skin?

The answer lies in understanding your skin and nourishing it with potent nutrients.

Leading the world to beautiful skin Ferrosan, the world leading oral skin supplement has been helping women all over the world attain beautiful skin. With a presence in over 70 countries, this international brand from Denmark is a pioneer in the field of skincare

from within. The brand is committed to ensuring the name is recagnised as a benchmark for excellence, not only by loyal customers, but also by scientists, dermatologists, cosmetologists and aestheticlans worldwide.

Its marvellous effects are attributed to its patented and closely guarded Biomarine Complex, Rich in proteins and polysaccha-rides -- similar to those naturally found in skins' supportive tissues - it has been proven to improve the density, structure, quality andmoisture balance of skin.

Ferrosan's range of internal skincare products work so well because its' unique formulation is able to reach beneath the skin surface, the dermal layer, where skin ageing starts and where external skin creams cannot reach.

Fully aware that women in different age groups require different supplementation care

for their skin, Ferrosan, through its extensive research has produced three different products for three age groups, targeting specific problems that a generic supplement can-

not, making it the most comprehensive of internal skincare supplement.

Women in their mid 30s or those who live on the fast lane will benefit most from the

Ferrosan Plus range. A marked difference from other products on offer, Ferrosan Plus leads the field in bringing the two most potent anti-oxidants to its stable.

Specially bred and selected Lycopene and grape seed extract (LycoPhence GS have been added to the BioMarine Complex, with the final product scientifically tested to be effective. Together, these biological scavengers of free radicals work in synergy to improve and enhance the quality and structure of mature skin. While Bio Marine is clinically shown to improve, LycoPhence GS is scientifically proven to defend.

"It's easy to put out a food supplement in the market. But how sound is the science?"

asks Dr. Lange, who is today the Director of International Sales for Ferrosan.

"Here at Ferrosan, we demand efficacy results on products. We are 100% scientifically tested to be effective."

Beauty is simple and uncomplicated the Ferrosan way. Take two tablets from the Ferrosan Plus range daily and see visible results in two to three months, not only on the face, but all over the body.

  • Neutralises the process causing signs of ageing
  • Significantly improves skin's moisture balance
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Diminishes visibility of dilated capillaries and age spots
  • Leaves the skin with brighter more youthful and ever complexion
  • Helps shield and defend the vital structure elements of the skin against future degradation.

Beautiful skin is indeed attainable. Just ask the millions of women who have been using Ferrosan.



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