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Family history
It's a myth that if there's no breast cancer history in a woman's family, then she will not get in. No family breast cancer history does not mean you will not get the disease. Some 85% of breast cancer happens to women whose mother or grandmothers have not had the disease.

No1 cancer killer
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Malaysian women accounting for 31% of all female cancer cases across all ethnic groups and age groups from 15 years onwards.

Cancer risks
While it's true that breast cancer risk increases as women age, those in their 20s and 30s can also get the disease. Some experts belive the cancer may be more advanced in younger women, because of delayed diagnosis due to the lack of regular screening like a mammogram or breast self-exam.

Not having children
Childless women or those who had their fist child after 30 have a slightly higher risk of breast cancer. Early and more frequent pregnancies reduce breast cancer risk.

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Did you know?

A significant association between alcohol intake and breast cancer has been found, with an increase risk of 7% for each alcoholic drink consumed on a daily basis.
-Cancel Research UK


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