Thursday, September 3, 2009

Painless face lift

Painless facelift

Imagine, attaining a face lift, snug eye and neck contour, firmer jowl line, less noticeable skin discolouration and open pores, and super boost skin hydration and vitality -- all within the very first session of a Power Lift Facolift Series' facelift therapy.

Besides 100% safe, one experiences strengthening of the skin to reduce damages caused by the sun and a polluted environment.

Capture youthfulness with the Power 3nity Lift and Power Caviar 02 Lift therapies that

help restore youth to your skin and muscles, diminish the signs of ageing and revitalise

lethargic skin, so you look younger and more vibrant.

Experience smoother skin with noticeably reduced fine lines, and heightened cellular

activities like collagen and elastin production, while increasing density of muscle fibers to resist constant gravity pull -- just the way you were when you were younger.

"The Power 3nity Lift is simply amazing! The firmness of my facial muscle and skin has improved tremendously and it is safe," said 51-year-old Datin Michelle Tay, a satisfied customer.

Another 44-year-old Shirley Lim said, "Wow! The Power 3nity Lift has the ability to

restore youthfulness to my skin and tones my facial muscles.

"The therapy is truly relaxing and the results, satisfying. I was surprised to see the vast

improvement on the very first session."

Facelift from London with clinical studies done in the United States

Power 3nity Lift and Power Caviar 02 Lift are facelift therapies from London with clinical studies conducted in the United States.

Both facelift therapies have the ability to help slow signs of ageing and sun damage, making you appear younger than your biological age.

Possessing a regenerative effect, the therapies helps increase local metabolism of the skin and muscle tissue, resulting in effective retardation of early signs of ageing.

The Power 3nity Lift helps strengthen skin and facial muscles by boosting collagen,

elastin and muscle fiber pro- duction via accelerating cell metabolic rate.

Overall, the skin and muscles are strengthened and empowered to resist gravity pull and environmental stress, so you look more youthful, with a healthy glow.

Safe, effective and noninvasive

Both the Power 3nity lift and Power Caviar 02 Lift are safe and non-invasive therapies and the results are prohealth, without the use of any form of laser or light therapy. injections or fillers. Power 3nity Lift and Power Caviar 02 Lift use a healing current that has been used in burn units and muscle healing units in hospitals, to help patients rebuild and heal tissues, while increasing collagen and elastin contents of the skin.

Unlike other therapies that promise to restore the youthfulness on the outer skin, Power 3nity Lift and Power Caviar 02 Lift not only helps bring back lustrous skin on the outside, they also energise the skin by encouraging cell regeneration by up to 500%, thus

creating more collagen, elastin and muscle fibers.

It is like a 5D-year-old woman who not only looks 40; she also has skin that regenerates fast and functions more efficiently.

A Power 3nity Lift facelift session consists six portions. The first is a Skin Refining

session that helps reduce fine lines and open pores. The second imparts oxygen and

enhance blood circulation to skin cells, which brings about a brightening effect and encourage healthier skin. The third and fourth portions lift, firm and strengthen the mus-

cles in the eye, face and neck area. The fifth part is Deep Lymph Drainage therapy that

helps reduce discolouration and scars in the safest and most natural way.

The six and last portion is Firming and Cell Regenerating Therapy. The therapy helps

increase skin firmness by encouraging the production of the collagen, elastin and muscle fibers and reduce the appearance of deep pitted scars and burrows.

The Perfector Power 3nity Lift and Power Caviar 02 Lift Therapy bridge the gap between cosmetic surgery and cosmeeeutical products. It is safe and the results are not

only dramatic, but also long lasting.