Sunday, August 10, 2008

More than skin deep

Many unsuspecting consumers make the same mistake of buying laminate flooring without checking the quality of raw materials used in the finished product. While all laminated flooring look almost similar, they aren't exactly the same, for example, quality beyond the surface or design.

It is not easy to be discerning if you are unfamiliar with the product. Most buyers depend on the 'surface value' of the product (also referred to as 'skin') that gives you the
design and colour. So, how do you choose a good laminate flooring for your home, office or anywhere?

Ensure that the core-board (the heart) of the product is able to last as long as the surface. Like our body, the heart determines our lifespan. Laminate flooring should be able to stand daily and multiple mopping – squeezed dry.

Ensure that the d~cor layer is printed without heavy metal ink - though it is much cheaper, it is harmful to our health and fades after 2-3 years. A faded product will spoil your interior work.

Ensure that the overlay is of the right classification as claimed. Different grammage
overlay has different wear property. Eg. AC I classification wears off faster than AC 3.

Insist on a direct manufacturer's warranty card. This will at least protect your coverage
in case of product failure. Remember, warranties issued from a manufacturer outside the
country may not be practically enforced.

At Inovar, they are transparent with what they put into each component layer giving you a product that is now internationally recognisod as the best in terms of lifespan and

Today, with a decade of product research and development behind them, they have also developed the right coreboard that resists termites without using toxic termite chemicals. It is simply Usihg the right species of tropical hardwood fibre sourced locally from Sabah and Sarawak. They are so confident with their technology that every panel of Inovar floor comes with a lifetime termite warranty.

As a reputable manufacturer based on the outskirts of KL, they have carved a niche in
the international market with quality as their hallmark. Their material component quality
standards exceed all European and Japanese safety and health regulations. Their recent
achievement in the Brandlaurette Award for Best Brand in the laminate flooring category
testifies further to their high quality.

You can call their direct factory outlet at toll free number: 1 800 88 6166 for free consultation from their Floor Designers.


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