Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lotus your way to good health

Lotus your way to good health
Choose the right food sanitiser

There are many food sanitisers in the market today. As consumers, it is important to make the correct choice. Many sanitissrs claim to be able to infuse ozone into water. However, how effective the infusion process is rather debatable, as water and gas do not mix. Iris not easy to infuse gas into water in its original form.

So, how do you choose your food sanitiser?

Users have to beware of misleading endorsement claims, certifications and demonstrations. Many conventional systems claim to have approval and endorsements from international agencies. In some cases, the technology is approved, but not necessarily the system, which may not perform to EPA guidelines.

The Lotus Sanitising System from Giabo is registered and tested by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as evidenced by its EPA file number. It is among the first food sanitisers in the world to be so honoured. Lotus Ozonated water has been proven to be 99.9% effective at killing bacteria and sanitislag produce.

Another important aspect to consider is the " Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP),
According to the EPA, sterilisation occurs only at 800 inV. This is r~easurable by ORP meter, Many conventional food sterilisers do not reach this level. The Lotus Sanitising System, however, can reach this level, and in a small amount of time. Furthermore, in the Lotus system, you can ensure that the entire bowl is ozonated due to the swirling action of the system, which ensures even distribution of ozone. In contrast, systems utilising a tube to infuse ozone into water can rssult in unequal distribution of ozone in the water. This means that only part of your food placed in the bowl is sanitised.

Inhaling ozone is detrimental to your health. Minimum infusion process between ozone and water can cause outgas, as most of the ozone generated from an inefficient infusion process can lead to the ozone escaping, thus increasing the level of ozone in the air. In the Lotus Sanitising System, the Oxyshield technology employed consists of safety features to eliminate this threat.

One thing to take into consideration is the unstable nature of ozone.

An open bowl infusion concept, therefore, may cause the ozone to be diffused by tem-
perature and humidity, which reduces the opportunity for it to be infused into the water,
In the Lotus Sanitising System, infusion takes place in the base unit, which is a controlled environment, to minimise diffusion of the ozone.

To top it off, the Lotus system also comes with a monitoring system to monitor and regulate performance and efficiency in every cycle to ensure your produce is 99.9% sanitised. If the produce is not fuliy sanitised, the system will indicate possible faults. This monitoring and regulating programme adheres to EPA guidelines.

It is, therefore, no surprise that the Lotus Sanitising System has been awarded the Best
Invention of The Year award in Time Magazine.

With the Lotus Sanitising System users can be assured of peace of mind, knowing that
their food is being fully sanitised in the interest of health.

Come see for yourself this Aug 7-10 at the Perfect Livin '09 exhibition held at the KL
Convention Centre
at booths 1034 to 1037.


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