Saturday, April 12, 2008

How to get Reiki treatment

REIKI is a complementary healing practice that uses spiritual energies of a Reiki master or healer to treat varioee kinds of conditions and symptoms.

* You should have a little bit of understanding of the basics of Reiki, The practice usually involves long periods during which the Reiki healer places his hands on the patient to channel energy.

* Reiki can be performed as a total body or a local treatment.

* Locate a qualified practitioner. Reiki practitioners go through a series of courses and training sessions that earns them different levels of expertise.

* The levels go from level one, the most basic and novice level, to level three. After level three, a practitioner is considered a master.

* Continue other treatment. Reiki is not intended to replace or substitute for other medical treatments.

* Consider group Reiki.

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