Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quantum physics and qi

TODAY I want to tell you the story of the universe. I was fortunate to attend a lecture by an American nuclear scientist who said that he found God through his understanding of quantum physics. And I marvelled at his theory on the origin of the universe, and the nature of light and matter.

Although I am not a physicist, quantum physics has always been a favourite subject, and I try my best to understand this fasdnating subject because it leads me to appreciate more the simphdty behind this very complex universe. And ff you believe in God, you will marvel at His brilliance. Even if you don't believe in God, this is still interesting reading.

According to Prof Muhammad Al-Mahdi, God created the universe by first creating the primordial light. Then God "slowed down" and "reduced" the energy of light to what it is now so that matter can materialise. Now, many religions describe God Himself as Light, but the created light is of a different nature than Divine Light.

For a start, created light has a lower energy. This is an interesting statement, since we have been told that nothing exceeds the speed of light, and everything in this universe is gnverned and limited by that (Einsteins' E=mc2). Created light had a much higher energy initially, and the energy was so intense that it resulted in the Big Bang.

According to current scientific understanding, the Big Bang occurred about 13-15 billion years ago. In the first few millionths of a second, the universe expanded extremely rapidly while fundamental particles (the most basic unit of all matter, called quarks and leptons) and from these the elementary particles (protons and neutrons), were being formed. All this took less than 0.000001 sec. Then atoms were formed and the formation of matter and the physical universe as we know began.

The Big Bang

The known universe contains billions of galaxies, reaching across 10 billion light years in distance (1 light year is the distance travelled by light in one year = 9.3 billion kiiometres).

To give some idea of this vastness, the distance to the moon is 385,000 kin; the sun is 150 million krn (which equals 1 ALl, Astronomical Unit); Pluto's distant position (it has an elliptical orbit around the sun) is 40 AU or 4 billion km; and the distance to the nearest star, Proxima Centauri, is 4.3 light years, or 40 billion km.

As to the vastness of the entire universe, only God knows!

The Orion Nebula
Although science has unravelled most of the secrets of the universe, having discovered (or at least observed)what is believed to be the complete array of the fundamental particles (six quarks and six leptons, and their anti-matter parmers), and also the force-carrying "particles" (called bosons; of which the electromagnetic energy-carrying photon is one of them), the picture is still incomplete. The so-called "standard model" of current scientific understanding cannot yet fully explain gravity (scientists predict the existence of gravity-carrying particles called ,'gravitons" but have yet to observe this) and several other things.

Scientists are still cracking their heads over how to explain everything into one coherent unified theory. Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, Newton's Law of Motion and other established scientific formulae cannot explain the observed
nature in full.

As we understand more, it gets more interesting, Now we know that space can be "bent", time itself can be "slowed", and that matter and antimatter can annihilate each other!

What is different about this new concept and current science? By saying that light was slowed down implies that everything need not be governed by the known behaviour of the photon (which is the unit of light, and of other electromagnetic energies
we know - electricity, sound, heat, radio waves, radiation, etc, or of other bosons (force-carrying particles).

It also brings Creationism (that God exists and created everything) closer to secular scientific theory (that the universe began as an immensely-dense coin-sized matter that exploded and everything we see now is a result of random events not under the influence of a supernatural force/God; from where or how that coin-sized matter came to existence is anybody's guess).

Many other things may be explained by assigning different energies/speed to the force-carrying particles. The accepted speed of light explains the physical universe well, but cannot explain the spiritual world, the nature of angels and jinns,
and the nature of qi! Now you know why I am fascinated by all this.

The spinning universe
One interesting observation from the quintessential realm of quantum physics and the expansive world of astronomy is that everything spins. All the fundamental particles and elementary particles spin and/or have orbits. At the other dimension, all
celestial satellites (eg. the moon around the earth), planets, stars and galaxies spin or orbit around an axis. These are what we can observe using the most cutting-edge particle accelerators and space-telescopes.

The most awesome dance of nature is the spiralling galaxy. This is what the Sufi dance tries to convey. It tells the story of the Oneness of the Creator and the creation - and that the DMne plan is one Unified Plan.

Qi still an enigma to science
While science is coming close with the understanding of gravity and nuclear forces, it has very little knowledge of life-force, or qi.

In my research, I did find one scientist that came up with something fascinating. Over 60 years ago, Anton Bovis, a French archaeologist-physi-cist' while doing research regarding the pyramids, noticed that there appeared to exist an energy phenom-
enon within the structures. He called it life-force, and proceeded to invent a method to measure it. Interestingly, this scale was able to also measure the life-force in various items such as food or water. This energy is also referred to as "biophotons".

It turns out that his method (called the Boris Scale) measures the life-force according to the charge and spin of the atoms. Low life-force readings of O to 6,500 (Bovis Energy Units, BELl) are life-detracting, while those above 6,500 BEU are life-enhancing. The desired minimal energy level for humans is between 8,000 and 10,000 BELl. The Earth itself creates energy in the 7,000 to 18,000 BELl range.

Further, scientific research has correlated the clockwise or right spin of atoms and molecules with low energies of below 6,500 (i.e. life-depleting). Even our chromosomal DNA is a left turning spiral. In contrast, cancer cells are grossly mutated with DNA in a right-turning spiral.

So we have here another convergence of scientific knowledge and life-force or qi, and the mystery of qi and the healing effects of qigong will slowly but surely be better understood.

Prof Muhammad Al-Mahdi passed away peacefully last week. I humbly dedicate this artide to him. May his soul rest in peace.

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